Excellence in Brick Driveway Pavers Installation with Coastal Driveway Pavers

At Coastal Driveway Pavers, we specialize in transforming homes by expertly installing stunning, durable brick driveway pavers. Our team brings the timeless appeal of brick to your driveway, enhancing both its beauty and functionality. With over 20 years of experience in Jacksonville, FL, our expertise ensures each project is a masterpiece of quality and style. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with meticulous attention to detail, positions us at the forefront of the driveway paving industry. At Coastal Driveway Pavers, we set benchmarks for sophistication and durability by carefully selecting premium materials and employing advanced installation techniques. Contact us today for brick driveway paver installation and elevate the entrance to your home with our unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Benefits of Brick Driveway Pavers

Brick driveway pavers stand out as an unparalleled choice for homeowners seeking to enhance their property’s value and curb appeal. The reasons for choosing brick pavers extend beyond their timeless elegance. They embody a fusion of durability, aesthetic versatility, and practical benefits that make them an ideal solution for any driveway project. Brick pavers offer a unique combination of resilience against the elements and the flexibility to match any architectural style, making them a preferred choice for those looking to invest in the long-term beauty and functionality of their home.

  • Classic, timeless aesthetic appeal
  • High durability with a pressure tolerance of around 12,000 psi
  • Versatile colors range from traditional reds to earthy tones
  • Cost-effective solution, priced between $2 and $6 per square foot

A Spectrum of Styles: Finding the Perfect Brick Paver Design for Your Home

For those seeking a classic yet robust design, the herringbone pattern, with its zigzag arrangement, not only delivers a visually striking impact but also boasts durability suited for high-traffic areas. Its interlocking nature provides stability and strength, making it an ideal choice for driveways bearing the brunt of daily vehicle use.

On the other hand, our circular or radial pattern pavers offer a graceful and inviting appeal, perfect for creating a charming focal point in your garden or courtyard. This design, which radiates from a central point, is especially suited for encircling a firepit, or fountain, or enhancing the ambiance around a cozy round dining area. For those who prefer a more orderly appearance, the running bond or brick pattern mirrors traditional brickwork with its staggered rows, extending a sense of space and continuity. 

Meanwhile, our random layout with mixed sizes caters to those who favor a more spontaneous, rustic look, ideal for sprawling spaces where the eclectic patterns can be fully appreciated. Each pattern, from the intricate basket weave to the structured running bond, is carefully crafted to ensure that your driveway is not only a pathway but a testament to timeless beauty and resilience.

Crafted to Last: The Unmatched Durability of Our Brick Driveway Pavers

We take pride in the exceptional durability of our brick pavers, engineered to resist Florida’s unique climate. Tailored to endure the relentless heat and torrential rains characteristic of the region, our brick driveway pavers ensure your driveway remains pristine and vibrant, year after year. 

The lasting value of our brick driveway pavers is rooted in their minimal maintenance requirements and robust construction, each crafted from high-grade materials capable of withstanding daily use and environmental stressors. With a pressure tolerance, they effortlessly resist cracking, shifting, and weather-related wear and tear. This remarkable resilience is achieved through precision in selection and installation, ensuring that each paver maintains its aesthetic appeal over time without the frequent need for repairs or replacements. This inherent durability guarantees that your investment today will enhance the beauty and functionality of your property for years to come, offering:

  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High strength and longevity
  • Aesthetic appeal that endures

Installation Mastery: The Coastal Driveway Pavers Difference

Our unique approach to the installation of a brick paver driveway is what sets us apart from the competition. With a focus on precision, expertise, and innovation, we ensure that every project is executed to perfection. From the initial consultation to the final laying of bricks, our team is committed to delivering unmatched quality and service. Let’s explore the three key steps in our installation process that define the Coastal Driveway Pavers difference:

  • In-Depth Consultation and Custom Design: Our journey together begins with a comprehensive, free consultation session. During this meeting, we listen to your visions and preferences, guiding you through a wide array of options to find the perfect match for your home. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D rendering technology, we bring your ideas to life, offering a realistic preview of the outcome. This personalized approach ensures that every detail of the design meets your expectations before any work begins.
  • Preparation and Foundation Work: The foundation of any great driveway lies in its preparation. Our skilled team meticulously prepares the site, ensuring proper grading and drainage to prevent water accumulation and damage over time. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer free demolition or removal of any existing driveway materials, ensuring a clean slate for the new installation. We lay a solid foundation using the highest quality materials, designed to provide stability and longevity for your brick driveway. This step is crucial for preventing shifting and settling, ensuring that your driveway remains beautiful and functional for years to come.
  • Precision Installation and Finishing Touches: With a foundation set for success, we begin the artful installation of your chosen Brick Driveway Pavers. Our installers, masters of their craft, lay each brick with precision and care, creating patterns and designs that elevate the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. The final step involves sealing the driveway to protect against weathering, stains, and fading, guaranteeing a stunning entrance that lasts.

Visualize Your Dream Driveway: Our Interactive Design Tool

Choosing Coastal Driveway Pavers for your next driveway project means selecting a partner dedicated to transforming your home’s entrance. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail, from the initial design phase to the driveway pavers installation

At Coastal Driveway Pavers, we believe in providing a personalized experience for each of our clients. That’s why we offer 3D renderings and free paver consultations to help you visualize the potential of your space before any work begins. This approach allows for a collaborative planning process, ensuring that the final product perfectly aligns with your vision and preferences. Choose Coastal Driveway Pavers, and take the first step towards elevating your home’s exterior with a driveway that stands the test of time.

  • Fill out a form online, and a representative will reach out within 24 hours.
  • Certified and Licensed Paving Contractors.
  • 3D Renderings & Free Paver Consultation.

Your Questions, Answered: Brick Driveway Pavers FAQ

Are brick pavers good for driveways?

Yes, brick pavers are a good option for driveways due to their durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. They can last for decades, with some brick-paver sidewalks in colonial-era cities remaining in service under constant traffic for nearly 150 years. Their ability to be easily repaired by replacing individual bricks and their eco-friendliness also contributes to their suitability for driveways.

What paver is best for driveway?

The best paver for a driveway depends on personal preference, budget, and desired aesthetic. Brick pavers offer a classic look and durability, ideal for traditional home styles, while concrete pavers provide more variety in shapes, colors, and textures, suitable for custom designs. Both materials are durable and have their advantages.

Is brick pavers cheaper than concrete?

Generally, concrete driveway pavers are more expensive than brick pavers. Concrete pavers cost between $8 to $15 per square foot while brick pavers can range from $2 to $6 per square foot. The difference in cost is because of the materials and manufacturing processes involved​.

What are the disadvantages of brick pavers?

Disadvantages of brick pavers include limited shapes, fewer color options, and the tendency for weeds to grow in the joints between pavers if they are laid in sand. Their maintenance can be more challenging in terms of keeping weeds at bay​​.

Can brick pavers be used in areas with heavy rainfall?

Yes, brick pavers are suitable for areas with heavy rainfall. Their textured and abrasive surface makes them naturally slip-resistant, making them a safer option in wet conditions compared to smoother materials like concrete​​.

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